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Did you know that you can enable Microsoft Teams chat directly in Dynamics 365 right now? Start chatting directly from within a record, hold multiple chats at the same time and even navigate without losing the conversation. Well, this amazing feature has been available since the Wave 1, 2022 update for Dynamics 365.

Embed Microsoft Teams in Dynamics 365 by Byron Dittberner
Dynamics 365 & Teams, better together.

Certainly, a long-awaited feature, the ability to chat within a Dynamics 365 record. Many of us that use Dynamics 365 to manage sales, customer service, field service or even marketing have at some point been engaged in one or more discussions with our team either face to face, via online meetings or email. For a long time, Dynamics 365 has had the capability to synchronise emails from your outlook calendar to Dynamics 365 but until now all chat sessions and meetings were held outside of Dynamics which made tracking conversation somewhat difficult.

Finally, as part of the wave 1 2022 release Microsoft announced that Teams collaboration within Dynamics 365 would be made available in the Sales HUB for public preview from May 2022 with expectation to become generally available sometime thereafter.

By Enabling Microsoft Teams in Dynamics 365, users can now from within a Dynamics 365 record start a Teams chat. When starting the chat, the user is presented with a history of previous chats for the same record as well as the option to start a new chat. Once a session is started, the session is tracked against the record giving users the ability to easily revert to previous conversations.

In order to test out this new feature, you will need to enable it the Sales HUB. Check out the following article on how to get Microsoft Teams setup in Dynamics 365 Sales.

I don’t know about you but when I first heard about this feature, I could not wait to test it out. I hope this article helped you discover yet another awesome feature in Dynamics 365.

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Until my next article, happy CRMing!

Byron Dittberner | Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Solution Architect

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